Wrapping Paper Organisation

Wrapping Paper Organisation makes life a little easier, particularly if you have school aged children as it can tend to feel like you’re attending a birthday party every second weekend.

Perhaps I’m odd or you totally get me as you are much the same, but gift wrap in pretty prints brings me all the joy. I love to give gifts that are wrapped in pretty paper tied off with ribbon or twine and a sweet little bow. Even if the gift is rather inexpensive it always looks gorgeous when wrapped well, which leads me to almost hoarding pretty floral and pastel gift wrap lol.

For many years I was using a Kmart wire storage basket, but as my collection of paper grew so did the damage to the gift wrap. This is what lead to todays little Kmart hack if you can call it that (let’s just call it that).

This is great as it isn’t going to damage the paper, it can easily be stored in your lined cupboard, and the best news is everything is together in one spot ensuring you are never late for a party hunting for scissors or tape. Ok I lied, the BEST news is that this only costs $17 to put together.

To create this wrapping caddy all you need is trip to Kmart (WINNING!).

For this Wrapping Paper Organisation I have used –

  • 27L Swing top bin $12
  • Over Door Wire Basket – Small (bathroom section) – $5
27 Litre swing top bin
Over Door Wire Basket – Small

The basket hooks over the top of the bin however you could super glue it in place if you wanted to. I haven’t so when i’m wrapping a gift I can easily carry the basket over to the table as it houses all the goodies I need.

In the caddy I have stored –
Small gift bags
Birthday cards
Tape Dispenser
Gift tags
Sticky Bows

I made the vinyl label adhered to the front of the bin using my silhouette cameo. If you have a cameo and want to make one, the dimensions are 14cm x 8cm. There are tons of small businesses who make these labels, so you can always comment on the Facebook post linked to this and I can give you some links as I don’t make them to sell.

Anyway I hope you have found this little storage tip useful, if you have the room you could always create an extra one just to house Christmas wrap and ribbon too.

Thanks for reading lovely.





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