Wrap Christmas Tree

Wrap Christmas Tree is the healthy option for a Christmas gathering.

Tis the season for lots of parties and take a plate events, and I wanted to create something savoury that’s both healthy and a little bit cute.
All you need is a packet of Mission Foods AU spinach & herb wraps, add your favourite fillings and roll.

Slice each wrap into 6 even pieces and stack on a plate ensuring the tail end of the wrap is facing inside the tree so they don’t unravel. Using a star cookie cutter, press out from a slice of cheese and add to the top of your tree with a toothpick.
If wraps aren’t your thing sushi would be a great alternative.

Add whatever fillings your heart desires. If adding tomato, just be sure to add it to the centre of the fillings so it doesn’t make your wraps go soggy over time.

Merry Christmas
Love Mandy

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