Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day in our nest is rather quiet, however I still like to shower my loves in sweet treats that are made with love.

My Husband and I don’t go overboard with presents, we often just gift a card and chocolates or ice-cream was this years pick. This is both due to Harlan (our middle sons) birthday falling the day after so i’m party prepping, and also not wanting to indulge in the commercialism that is V day. I’m more than happy with my $5 roses a week from Aldi, I think i’d rage hard at Hubby if he bought me a bunch worth more than our quarterly gas bill.

I like to bring the sweet in the way of setting up a little table with homemade goodies. This year I opted for homemade sugar cookies and cupcakes and a pretty little heart garland. You can find my easy peasy sugar cookie recipeĀ here if you’d like to get your bake on.

It’s a nice excuse to celebrate the ones you love and makes for a lovely afternoon tea for when the kids get home from school. I also like to make the kids a heart themed lunchbox using cookie cutters on their sandwiches, watermelon and cheese for their crackers. The kids faces light up and it’s a very sweet and affordable way to celebrate the day. I’ve also been known to send the Hubster to work with an embarrassing love themed lunchbox, he copped so much shit for this, it really made my day lol.


May your day be filled with love and all things sweet.


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