Tegu Blocks under our Christmas tree.

With Christmas approaching at the speed of light, buying gifts for children are pretty high on parents to do lists right now.

I wanted to share a wonderful product with you all that will be under our Christmas tree this year, Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks.

(These items were gifted to me by Tegu to add to our collection, but my genuine love of these products is authentic, and I was not paid to write this post or to give a positive review).


If you follow my Facebook page, you will know how much we love wooden toys. They are built to last, encourage cognitive play and fine motor skills. In my humble opinion, any product that can inspire both creative and imaginative play is worth investing in.

If you aren’t familiar with Tegu, they are beautifully crafted wooden blocks with embedded magnets. The magnet allows children of all ages to build and create in a way they can’t with regular blocks.

Both my ten year old Daughter and 2.5 year old son love them equally, and building block towers, racing cars and creating wild animals has never been more fun, as the magnet keeps the blocks together whilst constructing.


Although all wooden blocks encourage imaginative play which is brilliant, Tegu play can go one step further in that you can build at any angle with the magnet feature, and the variety of sets they have on offer can all be used in conjunction with one another. Every Tegu block regardless of the set will connect to another.
They are built to last, come in a variety of different sets and I can’t wait to grow our collection further.


Another important feature of Tegu that makes me proud to buy from such a thoughtful and generous company, is the way in which they give back to the community.
Tegu offer a fundraising initiative with an annual Fundraising campaign. Each year they allow groups, childcare centres and schools to raise funds via their Fundraising website (http://www.edex.com.au/fundraising).
They allow parents, friends and families to nominate to give back 20% of every order in learning resource vouchers to their nominated schools, group and centres. Also, through their partnership with Life Education, parents are able to nominate Life Education to receive the 20% which is fantastic. If you pop on over to the website, you can also find out how to enter to win a family Disney cruise.

Tegu also have a mission to help bring change to the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Honduras. They provide living wage jobs at their factory prioritizing in long term employment and they plant trees by the dozen. With every set sold, Tegu donate to local reforestation efforts in Honduras and most importantly they are helping kids get out of rubbish dumps and into school where they can be given the greatest gift of all, an education. If you head to Youtube, and search ‘Tegu’, there is a fantastic video where you can see exactly how the money is being put to good use, it warms my heart.
The three products featured in this post are –
Tegu Future Magbot  and you can find it here.
Tegu Future Circuit Racer here
Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Tints and here.

Meet ‘Frog Water’ affectionately named by Master 2 and created by the kids. I think he might be a skiing, hat wearing robot and I never want to dismantle the supreme awesomeness their little minds have created.


Frog Water
Frog Water


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