Soldier Christmas Care Package

Soldier Christmas Care Packages are a great way to say thank you to our brave soldiers during the festive season. It’s nice to show our appreciation for all the hard work they do for our country, particularly during a time when they are away from their loved ones.

I know it’s super odd for me to share this here in July, I’m just trying to move a lot of posts here from my Facebook page, but you can send one of these packages anytime, not just at Christmas time, although Christmas in July is totally a thing.

Last year instead of advent calendars for the kids, we have been teaching them to give, and sent a care package to an Aussie soldier who won’t be able to spend Christmas with their loved ones.

The kids picked items they would like to send (and I picked a few practical ones too) and it’s a nice way to thank those serving. The things we take for granted are more than likely so greatly appreciated when they are so far from home.

We just had to add a card to this gift and we posted it the following morning.

After a huge response to the Soldier Christmas care package over on my Facebook page, I wrote this little poem you can print for free and add to your parcel if you wish. A huge thank you to the lovely Chloe from fourteen 92 productions who has so kindly designed the A5 size printable, she is just too clever and it’s even more adorable than what I had envisioned.

Just save the image, print and you’re good to go!



If you would like to send a care package to a digger this year, you have until the 7th of December. Postage is free, you just pay for the box and it must weigh no more than 2kg’s.

You can also add a little treat for the explosive detection dogs, I just completely forgot. A tennis ball and small box of dog biscuits will definitely be included this Christmas.

For more information including the address, cut off dates and a full list of items that both can and can’t be included, click here!


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