Sesame Slaw with Snowpeas & Edamame

This Sesame Slaw with Snow peas & edamame has become a fast favourite in our nest and it’s packed full of goodness.

I’m serving this glorious salad with Katsu chicken for dinner tonight, but it would be perfect for Christmas Day in lieu of more traditional salads.
It’s fresh and crispy and relatively quick and easy to assemble using store bought Kewpie dressing.

Ingredients – Serves 8-10 as a side
1/4 of a green cabbage finely sliced
1/4 of a purple cabbage finely sliced
Handful (around 20) snow peas trimmed and cut into batons
2 large carrots peeled and cut into thin matchsticks
3 spring onions finely sliced
200g edamame (half a packet) cooked per instructions.
3 tablespoons Kewpie roasted sesame dressing
1 teaspoon is sesame seeds
1 teaspoon of black sesame seeds.

Method –
Thinly slice the the cabbage (removing and discarding any of the core) and place into a large salad bowl.

I purchase the edamame in the freezer section at Coles and cook as per packet instruction (6 minutes) and set aside to cool.

Pop the edamame from the shell and add to the cabbage along with the carrot, snow peas, spring onions and the dressing.

Less is more with this dressing as it’s quite strong. If you aren’t a fan of sesame you could omit the kewpie and use Chang’s instead.
Toss the salad well and sprinkle with both sesame seeds.

Sliced avocado on top would be lovely too I just didn’t have any on hand.


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