School Bento Boxes

School Bento Boxes and lunch boxes are on the forefront of parent minds this time of year, and I understand it can be quite overwhelming knowing just which one to pick for you child. I received a ton of messages on Facebook this week asking which bento style lunchboxes I recommend, so I thought I’d share here too. I’ve included images of each in use so you can get a rough idea as to how much each box holds.

My top three are –
1. Stuck On You Bento Box
They are super sturdy, they are a great size for primary aged children and they are leak proof. The sectioned/labelled compartments remove the guess work of what to pack, and they come in a range of colours, can be personalised with your child’s name and come in a few different designs. You can also buy matching cooler bags or both together in a set.

You can shop them here

2. Yumbox original
These are a close second as they are also very sturdy and also leakproof due to the clever silicone divided seal in the lid, and come in a few different colours. The Yumbox is slightly smaller than the bento box but you can still cram quite a lot of food in them.

I bought mine from Sweet Creations and you can shop the yumbox range here

3. Yumbox mini snack box
These are a great size for younger children, Darcy is 15 months old and I use this for his lunch. They are also brilliant for primary aged children for munch and crunch, after school care or sport, or for providing recess or morning tea separately.
All three are airtight which means you can pack them the night before and pop them in the fridge and they remain super fresh which is a massive plus for busy parents.

I purchased mine from Little Lola Boutique and you can shop here

I hope this post has been helpful to you and if you would like anymore information don’t hesitate to contact me via My Lovely Little Nest on Facebook or Instagram.


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