Lamington Train Cake

Lamington Train cake and no baking required for the win!

Harlan wanted to take a cake into his pre-school to share with his classmates on his last day before our big move, and baking wasn’t an option for me as i’d already packed all of my baking goods. This cake hack I guess you could call it was inspired by the Women’s Day train cake and I LOVE that it only took around 15 minutes to assemble, and total cost was $15 as I purchased the lollies on special.

Here’s what you’ll need to make one-

Ingredients –
3 packets of store bought lamingtons (they are sold in packs of 6)
Betty Crocker chocolate frosting
1 packet of Allen’s peaches & cream lollies
Musk Sticks
Mixed lollies of your choice for the other carriages
Cake board or chop board

Optional – If you have to travel with your cake, you may prefer to use royal icing to adhere the wheels instead of the ready made chocolate frosting. The royal icing will set harder and acts as a better glue.

Method –
This is super easy to assemble, just start by stacking two lamingtons for the front of the train and three directly behind it in one corner of your cake or chopping board. I added a musk stick and malteaser to the front and then a jelly baby acted as the driver.

Next step is to cut your musk sticks in half and place them between each lamington carriage, just play around with the spacing. Add a little Betty Crocker frosting to the back of each peaches and cream lolly and adhere to the base of the lamingtons to act as the wheels. Add more icing to the top of the carriages and carefully stack on your lollies and chocolates to act as the cargo. Use a pastry brush to brush all the excess coconut from the cake board and that’s it. Super cute, loads of fun and minimal effort.


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