Koala Biscuits

Koala biscuits would make a great treat for Australia Day, and I have created an easy no bake recipe, so they can be made with very little fuss.

Koala Biscuits
They are quick and easy, and would be the perfect boredom buster for the kids these school holidays.
You can decorate cupcakes in exactly the same way, so have fun.

Koala Biscuits full shot
Here’s what you’ll need –

Arnott’s Marie biscuits
Cadbury Clinkers
Mini m&m’s (brown)
White marshmallows cut in half
Icing sugar
Black food colouring

Optional – You could also dip them in coconut after icing.
Variations – If you don’t want to use chocolate, you could always substitute and use sultanas for the eyes and an almond for the nose.

Note – If you don’t mind aniseed flavour, you can also pop a few black jelly beans in a bowl with a tablespoon of water and let the coating colour the water. Remove the jelly beans, and add the tinted water to your icing sugar to create grey icing.

Koala Ingredients

Method –

  1. Depending on how many biscuits you wish to make, add a small amount of icing sugar to a bowl, add a tiny drop of black food colouring, and enough water to create a smooth glue like consistency. You won’t need much water at all.
  2. Using the back of a teaspoon or an offset spatula, spread icing over a Marie biscuit.
  3. Place your clinker toward the bottom to create the nose, add the mini m&m eyes, and the marshmallow ears. Be sure to put the letter on the chocolate face side down, and the sticky cut side on the marshmallows face side down also.



Koala Faces
Happy Decorating and have a wonderful Australia Day.







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