In The Playroom

Our playroom is undoubtedly the happiest room in our house.

There are often toys covering every inch of the floor, headless Sonny Angels in the play kitchen sink and the odd drawing up the wall, but this is where memories are made.
Creative minds are at work, children learning through play, and the giggles I hear pouring out of this room make my heart sing.


Many have asked about our playroom on my Facebook page so this post is for you.

Our playroom is always changing and evolving but a few things remain the same to keep it somewhat neat and tidy, and to ensure everything has a place.
When we put this room together, storage was key so we headed to Ikea. We opted for a Trofast unit which now stores their toys in easy pull out tubs and they have musical instruments in one tub, wooden cars in another etc. It’s also great for storing larger toys on top of the unit as they are at the perfect height for the kids to play with. We have their Le Toy Van wooden market stall and a few of their wooden kitchen toys stored here and it works well for us. We buy the majority of our toys from Discount Toy Co, a beautiful family owned store that stock the best toys at competitive prices.
We have recently added two storage cubes and labels to baskets (both from Kmart), to hold more of their toys and books, and I love I can store fiddly toys up on top and out of reach. The puzzles are in a white plastic dish rack that was only $4 from a dollar store and the baskets and liners are from Pottery Barn kids.12079247_10207964949301188_1710183368235744647_n

We love wooden toys and have quite the collection as they encourage imaginative play and are built to last. My 2 year old son is now playing with wooden toys that were our daughters 10 years ago, and I’m sure our future grandchildren will be playing with the same toys when that time comes.

Organisation and a good clean out helps keep us on track. We personally find less is more when it comes to toys and if everything has a spot the kids will play with it more. I store all of the kids toys grouped together and it is great for selecting what they want to play with and makes packing away a breeze. Our 2 year old can’t read, but he has quickly learnt what goes where and can independently pack away (with loads of encouragement) ha ha ha.

Every year we have a pre-Christmas toy de-clutter. Christmas and children equals an onslaught of new and shiny toys, and has parents everywhere twitching with fear as to where they are going to store it all.
It’s around this time every year I do a thorough clean and sort through. I throw away broken toys and either sell or donate the toys the kids have outgrown or no longer play with. Most areas have a Facebook online garage sale or buy swap and sell page and they are great for listing your unwanted toys as are Ebay and Gumtree. I personally find it best to do the sort through while the kids are at school or napping otherwise they want to keep everything ,even if it’s broken or hasn’t been played with in a year.

I am mid cull, so it has changed around quite a bit, but this was before when we were using a small Ikea table for play and craft time and prior to installing the labelled baskets.


And this is after. We have used a dining table to create more space for craft (I still need to buy more chairs), and we have added a little shelf to house their bits and bobs, and this is working well for puzzles and craft time and I love I can store toys underneath.

Our home corner is probably the most loved and well used toy in our playroom and it’s a Ikea Duktig kitchen that I made over.
These kitchens are sold in a flat pack so prior to Hubby assembling, I painted the wooden parts blue. I also changed the handles and spray painted little buckets (all from Ikea) and it matches our playroom.

Ikea Duktig (image courtesy of Google)
Ikea Duktig (image courtesy of Google)


After a little love
After a little love

I have made over many items for our playroom from bargains I’ve found in op shops and garage sales and they have come up like new. I’ve spray painted a little cane chair, painted old wooden magazine racks to display the kids books, painted wooden dolls beds, highchairs, spice racks and dolls houses. I find it so therapeutic and super easy to get crafty and can make your children’s play space quite unique and personal when you can put your creative spin on things.

Thanks for taking a peek into our playroom and if you have any questions, please pop them below and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.





  1. Beautiful space! Is your playroom in a closed off separate room or main living area of the house? Ours is separate and I struggle to get the kids to keep it tidy because I don’t have to look at it, I never know what state it’s in!

    • Thank you Natalie. Our Playroom is in a main living area, our lounge room is huge so this is one side of the room. I can close the doors but it is generally kept reasonably tidy. The kids had a separate playroom and they wouldn’t play in there as they like to be near us.

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