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Home Organisation is life for me!
The most common questions coming through to the page are about keeping on top of housework and being organised, so I’m sharing my top tips.

I understand this isn’t for everyone but this is what works for me.
You don’t need to clean for 8 hours a day to have a clean home, you just need to implement good storage and organisation throughout your home to ensure everything has a place. This helps avoid dumping and ending up with piles of mess and clutter. If you don’t know where to put these things, your hubby and kids wont either and you’ll end up going around in circles.
If your nest is in need of a good clean and cull I highly recommend starting in and completing one room at a time as this will create a flow on effect. You will feel happy and content walking into that room once complete, and it will provide the motivation to move onto the other rooms. I also encourage you to start with your room. Going to bed and waking up in a clean and tidy space will have you craving that for other rooms.
Always start with the bed. Strip it and into the wash, throw on a blanket and begin piling. Place everything off the floor on the bed, empty all drawers and your wardrobe so your room is a blank canvas. It’s an eye opener seeing everything piled high and often creates the wow moment of ‘how did I accumulate this much stuff’.
Time to be ruthless.
Add three boxes or garbage bags to the corner of the room, one for throw, sell and donate. As you are sorting really consider how much easier your life will be with less things, so if you don’t need it get rid of it. Anything you are keeping pack away neatly, clean the windows and blinds, dust your furniture and give the room a good vacuum. You will feel exhausted but the power of accomplishment will far outweigh that, stand back and admire your efforts and reward yourself with chocolate.
My top tips to get your house in order –
1. Cull! Your belongings shouldn’t consume or overwhelm you, if you are running out of space or feel your things are taking over get rid of them. If you don’t need it, don’t love it or haven’t used it in 12 months let it go.
2. Implement a good routine to follow every morning and evening and set a timer. I get so much done racing the clock, it’s crazy how much you can smash out with the music on and under tick tock pressure.
3. Start at the root of the problem. If your husband is constantly dumping his wallet, keys and sunglasses on the bench and it’s giving you the dirts, add a basket somewhere where he can add these things to. Saves you relocating them and them being temporarily misplaced too.
4. Less is more. I’m certainly no extreme minimalist, however I ensure everything in our house has a home. I love to use baskets to organise spaces and little trays for bathroom storage etc are brilliant.
5. Don’t double handle things. This is quite common for people when cleaning or organising by moving something to another area to deal with later, but you are creating more work for yourself. Find a home then and there and if you can’t, you more than likely don’t need it.
There are also five things I do everyday to ensure the house is clean, puts me in a good headspace and makes less work for me in the long run.
• Make the beds
• A load of washing
• Unstack the dishwasher first thing so I can load it throughout the day.
• Vacuum and mop
• Clean the toilets

Excuse the essay but hopefully this is helpful to those who are needing a gentle push to get cracking and has answered a lot of your questions.


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