Gozleme is absolutely delicious, so easy to make at home and one of my kids favourite dinners and I love making it.


This has been a favourite over on my Facebook page and well overdue to be added here.

Gozleme –
500g Greek style yoghurt
Approx 4 cups of SR flour and extra for the bench.

In a large bowl combine the flour and yoghurt and mix until thoroughly combined. If it’s too wet add more flour. It should be soft and only slightly sticky.

Gently knead for a minute and then using a rolling pin, roll small balls of the dough as thinly as you can in a circular motion.

To one side of the dough, I add roughly chopped baby spinach leaves, cooked and cooled cubes of salted boiled potato, grated tasty cheese and or feta cheese, and shredded cooked chicken.
Fold the dough over, press down firmly to flatten and seal the dough , and cook in a frypan in a little olive oil on medium heat. It takes about 4 minutes each side, but flip when nice and golden.

You can add or omit any of the filling. If you have leftover roast lamb it is perfect to add as a filling teamed with spinach and feta cheese.

Serve with lemon and enjoy


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