Frozen Pineapple Pops

Frozen Pineapple Pops, the natural ice-block perfect for all ages this summer

It’s stinking hot here, so a tray of fresh pineapple pops are in the freezer.

Pineapples are super sweet and ridiculously cheap at the moment, so cut the top and bottom off, stand upright and cut away the skin and slice into four sections leaving only the core behind. Cut thick slices and insert paddle pop sticks and freeze for a few hours.

I know I’ve shared this tip on Facebook in the past, but if you have a little one teething, frozen pineapple is heaven on their gums. All three of my kiddos have refused teething rings but have loved this as it’s nice and sweet and temporarily alleviates the pain and swelling in their little gums. Always use a really ripe pineapple as it’s softer, sweeter and easy for them to gnaw on, but watch them at all times of course.

This also works well with mango, a healthy treat the kids will love. If you prefer, you can also use tinned pineapple rings, I just drain away the liquid and freeze on a baking paper lined tray. They also act as a great teething ring for little ones.


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