Frozen Custard Pops

Frozen Custard Pops are a big deal in our nest! A quick & easy sweet treat my kids love now the warmer weather is upon us. You can add fresh diced berries, hundreds and thousands or freeze as is.

If I find reduced to clear custard or have some in the fridge that needs using, this is my go to dessert.

Simply pour custard into ice-block moulds and freeze, it’s as simple as that. They are so creamy as is but we also like to add diced banana, strawberries and blueberries, but you could try sprinkles or diced mango would be divine too.

You can use chocolate or vanilla custard, it doesn’t matter as they all taste amazing.

A little tip if you have a bubby who is teething, these are also a great alternative to a traditional teething rings. All three of my kiddos have never been a fan of teethers (Sophie the giraffe is the only exception) so these are great to soothe their sore and red little gums. Bubs love custard, and if this gives them some much needed relief then happy days. Always speak to your health professional first if you have any fears introducing new foods, and perhaps you could even try using the baby jars of custard if they are nearing their used by date.


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