Fridge Organisation

For me, a clean and organised fridge is a must. An uncluttered visual reminder of what we have and what we need, makes my grocery shopping and meal planning easier and keeps our food fresh for longer.

I grocery shop on a Thursday, so every Wednesday night I give our fridge a wipe down and tidy up ready for the fresh groceries.
Once a month I have a thorough clean and remove all the trays and give them a wash, and I remove the shelves and wash them in the bath tub. I clean them with Gumption and warm water, rinse and dry.



My Tips –
Over the years I have found a few ways that have helped keep our fridge clean, fresh and organised.

1. I store two Bluapples in our fruit and vegetable drawers. I was sceptical about these when we purchased them around five years ago but they really work. They help reduce moisture and absorb ethylene gas which causes fresh produce to over ripen and then spoil. I think I got mine from Target but I know you can buy the refills at Spotlight and most supermarkets, so they should also stock the apple as well. You just add the sachet to the plastic apple and they work a treat.

2. Another way to keep your fridge fresh is by adding 1/2 a cup of Bi-carb soda to a brown paper bag, tie it off and place in your fridge. It will remove any excess moisture and remove odours. Replace every two to three weeks.

3. Using clear trays or baskets helps keep items grouped together. I store pickles and chutneys together, breakfast spreads, butter, cheese and yoghurt etc and this ensures everything has a place and is returned to where it belongs after use.

4. I also use a small plastic tray to store our meat on. I only shop once a week, all our meat is frozen into portions, so the night before I place the following nights meat on the tray to defrost. It’s also a good way to prevent any accidents and not as bulky as a dinner plate. The last thing you want is for your freezer bag to have a leak and drip raw meat juice into your fresh produce and have to throw it all out.


The clear trays on the top shelf and storing the butter below are from Kmart and only a few dollars each. Howards Storage World, Big W etc all sell a great range of storage solutions and I find they really help keep our fridge under control.

Happy organising


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