Easter Vanilla Pudding Eggs

Easter Vanilla Pudding Eggs!
Only 4 ingredients and a whole lot of YUM! These were a massive hit with my family and I’m confident they will be with yours too.

They are super budget friendly if you can buy the Easter eggs whilst on sale at your local supermarket. They are great for school or park parties and ideal for little hands as they can inhale them on the go.

Ingredients – (makes 20)
20 Cadbury hunting eggs
1 packet of Cottee’s instant vanilla pudding
600ml of thickened cream
A bag of Allen’s peaches & cream lollies

Using a serrated knife, cut the top off the eggs and place them inside the crate they come in.
Using an electric mixer, combine the cream and pudding mix and beat on high for a minute or two or until it resembles whipped cream.
Add the cream mix to a piping bag and fill the eggs and carefully press the lolly on top to resemble the yolk. Serve immediately or chill in the fridge as they can be made a day in advance. They can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days (if they last that long), just ensure you buy thickened cream with a decent expiry date on it.

That’s it!
Super cute, and a great little minimum effort dessert.


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