Christmas Gifts Using One Kmart Item

Christmas gifts four ways, using one $2 item from Kmart!

I have created four super easy DIY gifts that all cost under $2 each to make, and they have all been created using one item, this silicone Christmas ice-cube tray.

I have made Crayons, Old fashioned toffees, candle melts and chocolates, and each gift was made in 20 minutes or less.


DIY Crayons –
12108901_10207977793302280_6392832968518478423_nI have seen DIY crayons a gazillion times on Pinterest and thought they would be perfect as little Christmas trees.
I removed the paper, broke up the crayons and placed one crayon per mould and baked them at 150c for ten minutes.
1920015_10207977794782317_358873701581711432_nI let them cool slightly, placed them in the freezer until firm and then popped them out of the mould.
I have placed them inside a Kmart gift card tin and they make the cutest and most practical little gift.


Toffees –
12143098_10207977792862269_6990462745497992441_nI have made a batch of old fashioned toffees in the moulds and you can find my recipe here. So cheap and easy to make and they look great wrapped in cellophane and tied off with ribbon or twine.


Candle Melts –
12108946_10207978035148326_5452376432583586924_nTo create these I added 2 cups of water to a saucepan, added store bought candle/oil burner melts to a heatproof bowl and melted over medium heat.

I then poured the melts into the Christmas mould, let them set, popped them out and placed them in a cello bag with ribbon.


Chocolates –

I melted white chocolate using a double boiler (in the microwave is fine) and let the chocolate set in the mould. I then added them to a cello bag with a gift tag for a quick and pretty gift.

Christmas is often a very expensive time of year so I hope one, or even all of these budget friendly homemade gifts come in handy for you this festive season.

Happy moulding lol


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