Christmas Angels

Christmas craft with the kids would have to be one of my favourite parts of the festive season. There is nothing more beautiful than a home adorned with pretty little treasures made with love by children, so it was time to start decorating our house.
My Daughter and I have enjoyed a morning of craft making Christmas Angels from Cupcake liners/patty pans and other goodies we have in our art cart.


Here’s what you will need to make these –
Cupcake liners
White paper or cardboard cut or punched into a circle
Markers to draw the faces
Pipe cleaners to make a halo
Craft glue or sticky tape and scissors
paddle pop sticks

We also added buttons, but you could add glitter, little sequins or stars, or whatever you have on hand.


To make –
Fold your patty pan in half and then in half again and glue it toward the top of the paddle pop stick leaving enough room for the face. Trace a circle onto your cardboard, cut out and draw a face and glue overlapping the patty pan case. Cut another liner into quarters and use two and glue on the back to create the wings. We made little halo’s from pipe cleaners and glued to the back of the paddle pop stick. So very easy yet super cute.



You could also use these as gift tags for presents or the kids could use them for imaginative play or in a puppet show.
If you don’t use the paddle pop sticks you can staple each angel onto a piece or ribbon or twine or hang by the halo to make a beautiful garland for the window.


Happy Christmas crafting


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