Christmas Aero Choc Mint Slice

Christmas Aero Choc Mint Slice for the win!

I Christmas pimped my Aero Choc Mint slice recipe by adding festive sprinkles, little candy canes and a topper. I found the festive sprinkles at my local Woolworths store, but also noticed Big W and Spotlight stock a Wilton variety albeit a little bit dearer.

This no bake recipe only requires a handful of ingredients and is a real crowd pleaser. This slice is loved by our entire family and it makes the perfect take a plate sweet treat. Don’t expect leftovers though, it disappears pretty quickly!

Ingredients –
2 packets of Arnott’s chocolate ripple biscuits
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
110g of unsalted butter
1 large block of either Aero or Cadbury mint bubbly chocolate
And 1 smaller bar to crumble on top.

1. Line a slice pan/tray with cling film and set aside.
2. In a food processor, blitz the biscuits until a sand like consistency.
3. In a large bowl add the large block of chocolate, butter and sweetened condensed milk and microwave for 3 minutes (stopping every minute to stir).
4. Add the biscuits to the chocolate mix, and stir well to combine.
5. Place in the tray and smooth it over with a spatula before crumbling the smaller bar of chocolate over the top.
6. Refrigerate for a few hours, cut into small squares (it’s rich), and devour.
It makes a great gift when packaged up for Christmas and wrapped in cellophane.

I also made a batch to serve on Christmas day on a platter of other sweet treats.

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