Carrot Bubble Wands

Carrot Bubble wands are perfect for Easter and would be suitable for a bunny or Peter Rabbit Birthday Party too.

We like gifting them for Easter as non chocolate classmate gifts, they ensure no child misses out due to allergies or school policies that don’t permit food gifts.

Master 4 and I got our craft on and made these for pre-school gifts for his friends.
The orange bubble wands are only 75c each at Kmart and we used one sheet of green cardboard that was $1 in the craft section. We have also found orange bubble wands in The reject Shop too.

A hot little tip if you can’t find orange ones is to buy whatever colour you can and wrap them in orange tissue paper like Monica a lovely reader of my page has done.

I cut 2cm strips the length of the cardboard , folded them in half and cut thin lines to create the stalks. Pop it through the bubble handle and secure with sticky tape.

I was going to use tissue paper or crepe paper as you could just twist them and no need for scissors, but I didn’t have any and these turned out great. You could also use pipe cleaners or green ribbons too, get creative and use whatever you have on hand or that you can source.

A great little Easter craft activity with the kids, and great for when not wanting to gift sugar or to those with allergies.




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