Bunny Butt Donuts

Bunny Butt Donuts

Bunny Butt Donuts, seriously can an Easter sweet treat get any cuter, or easier to assemble for that matter?

If your little poppets have an Easter class party or you are looking for something easy to make this Easter, these are a total winner. Super quick and easy, no need to turn the oven on and lots of fun for the kids to help decorate too.

They would look gorgeous arranged on a platter under a bed of coloured coconut, the perfect addition to your easter table and you could even use mini sized donuts as a treat for the kids lunch box.

Bunny Butt Donuts

What you’ll need –
Store bought donuts –

Coles and Woolworths sell these iced donuts in 6 packs so buy as many as you need. If you can’t get your hands on any iced ones, you could always buy the large packs of cinnamon donuts and ice them yourself at home. Great if you are on a budget too as they are only around $3 for a dozen.

Buy a tray of donuts from the supermarket (or make your own if you prefer), add rafaello’s for the fluffy cottontail, cut marshmallows in half, and using the sticky side adhere to the donut to act as the feet.

If you want or need to avoid nuts, use store bought apricot balls that are rolled in coconut instead.

Pop them back in the tray they came in for easy transportation.



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