Beef Stroganoff – Slow Cooker Recipe

My family adore Beef Stroganoff particularly on a cold winters night, and for best results the slow cooker is a winner. The meat becomes so tender it literally falls apart and it’s ideal to serve with fettucine or mash. It isn’t the most visually attractive meal in the world but the best hearty meals never are.

Beef Stroganoff Ingredients –
600g chuck beef (roughly cut into 2cm cubes)
I large brown onion halved and then sliced
2 cloves of garlic finely diced
12 mushrooms (6 halved and 6 thinly sliced)
2 teaspoons of Vegeta
2 teaspoons of smoked paprika
1 beef stock cube
2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard
125g sour cream
2 cups of water
2 tablespoons cornflour
2 tablespoons of beef gravy powder (Iuse Green’s gravy granules)
White pepper to season

Method –
Add the onion, garlic and beef to the bottom of your slow cooker followed by the halved mushrooms only (set the sliced ones aside for later), and add the paprika, water, stock, mustard, pepper and vegeta and cook on high for 3.5 hours.


After 3.5 hours the meat will be extremely tender and it’s time to thicken the sauce. In a small bowl combine the cornflour with two tablespoons of water and mix to form a paste. Add this to the slow cooker along with the sliced mushrooms and gravy powder, stir and cook for another 15 minutes.


After that 15 minutes is up add the sour cream, stir well and cook for a further 15 minutes and it’s ready to inhale.



You can garnish with parsley if you like and if you have any leftovers it makes a wonderful pie filling too.


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