Baby Sushi

Baby Sushi lets call it ‘BOOSHI’ lol. Perfect for baby led weaning.




If we head out for lunch, my sweet baby Darcy loves to eat the filling from my sushi roll, but I never give him the nori fearing he will choke. That combined with the unknown sugar content has lead me to create a baby friendly version. He loved it and devoured it. Miss 12 and Master 4 both loved it too, it’s super healthy and very tasty. I think this would be great for the school lunch box also.


You can watch how to make it here!


Here’s what you’ll need to make it –
Half a cup of cooked brown or white rice (I used Jasmine as that’s what I had in the pantry)
2 tablespoons of mashed sweet potato
2 eggs whisked
Two slices of avocado
Two tablespoons of drained tuna
1 teaspoon of mayonaise

Method –
Cook and slightly cool both the rice and sweet potato, mix together and set aside.
Whisk two eggs and cook in a non stick frypan like you would an omelette and place on a sushi mat or a chop board if you are wanting to roll by hand,
Add the rice and potato mixture to the omelette leaving a gap at the top. This just ensures there wont be any excess spillage out the top when you roll.
Mix the tuna and mayonnaise together and place a line on the rice, topping with the avocado. Roll tightly (I used a sushi mat) but you can do it by hand or even using a sheet of cling film. Slice into rounds and serve.

Rather quick and easy and a new favourite with my little cherubs.




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