Australia Day Cake – No Bake

This Australia Day cake is super easy to create, only takes ten minutes to decorate and uses a delicious store bought cake from Woolworths.



When I think about iconic Australian sweets, you can’t go past lamingtons, Tim Tams and the Caramello Koala, so I have incorporated all of those into this cake.

Australia Day Cake

Here’s how to create one to share with your friends and family on the day we celebrate the beautiful country we are so blessed to call home.

I have used a Lamington Mud Cake from Woolworths, but you could also use the sponge cake pictured below.

Woolworths cakes

Everything except for the ribbon (which I already had), was purchased at Woolies and here’s what you need.


Ingredients –

Woolworths Lamington mud cake or sponge.
2 packets of Arnott’s Tim Tams
Caramello Koala
Australian flags
Yellow or green ribbon
optional –  yellow and green jelly beans

  • If you cant find these cakes, you can just buy a mudcake and add coconut to the top.
  • If you are heading out for Australia Day and worry about the Tim Tam’s melting, swap them for Arnott’s Iced VoVo’s.
  • You only need 16 Tim Tams for the cake, so there’s leftovers to munch on while you decorate.


Method –
Remove the liner from the cake and place on a cake stand.
2. You might need to get someone to help you with this step, but stand all the biscuits around the cake and tie with ribbon.
3. Gently press the koala into the centre of the cake and wedge a jellybean behind him to keep him upright. Add two flags and you have a gorgeous Australia Day cake that will surely be a hit with your loved ones.

Australia Day Cake
Happy Decorating


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