Aussie S’mores

Aussie S’mores because the Americans can’t have all the fun right!

I know it’s hard to find Graham crackers that are traditionally used for S’mores here in Australia, so I came up with an alternative that works just as well.

We made these about 8 years ago for New Years Eve and they were such a hit and I should really make them more often.
They are oven, BBQ, microwave and camping friendly so no matter the occasion, whip up a batch of these and your family will love you long time.

Here’s what you’ll need –
Arnott’s Shredded Wheatmeal biscuits. We have also used Weaton’s in the past and they work just as well, in fact any digestive type of bickie should be fine.
Cadbury Fury Friends chocolates, broken in half


To make in the oven.
Place one biscuit on a lined baking tray and add half a Fury friend and one marshmallow and bake at 150c Fan forced for 8-10 minutes or until the marshmallow has risen and slightly golden on top. (I was ambitious when taking photos today by adding 3 marshmallows and although it was messy, its worth it), such a rebel lol, but I do recommend only adding one.
Carefully remove from the oven, place another biscuit on top and press down gently to adhere and this will evenly spread the mallow. Allow to cool slightly for children and dig in.

To make on the BBQ we have made them the same way and just closed the range hood.
For camping or a fire pit at home, toast your marshmallows over the fire and then sandwich together with the chocolate and biscuits for gooey delicious goodness.
To make in the microwave, add the chocolate to one biscuit and cook for 10 seconds. Then add your mallow and cook for another 10 seconds and then sandwich with another biscuit. (Each microwave will be different so just play around with the times until you find what’s right for yours).


Get creative and experiment with whatever your heart desires. Over the years we have added peanut butter which is divine, Rolo chocolates and sliced Mars bars.


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