What’s under the tree for Mr almost 3

I can’t quite believe Christmas is only a few weeks away, so I thought I should hurry up and write this post lol
Quite a few followers on my Facebook page have asked what gifts we are buying for our children this year, so this post is for you. (I will write a separate post for Miss 10’s gift list).

Harlan will be turning 3 in February, and he is a very active little boy. He loves craft, imaginative play, anything to do with cooking and playtime in his kitchen. He also loves to be outdoors, he loves cars, trucks and planes, and his favourite thing to do is scare Mummy by racing up and down the hallway and our driveway on anything with wheels.

We buy the majority of our toys from Discount Toy Co and have done so for years. They have a fantastic range of good quality toys, they stock the best brands and they are super competitive with their prices. Discount Toy Co are located in Hornsby Sydney but they also offer lay-by and $8.95 flat rate shipping in Australia which is fantastic.

We always opt for quality over quantity which is just a personal preference, and I generally buy wooden toys as they are built to last and stand up to the rough and tumble that comes with little boys.
Here is the general gift guide I follow each year.



Here are Harlan’s Christmas gifts –

1. Le Toy Van – Village Hospital Set
Purchased from Discount Toy Co Click here








2. Le Toy Van – Blender Set
Purchased from Discount Toy Co link here










3. Automoblox – Mini Emergency 3 pack
Purchased from Discount Toy Co Link here










4. Le Toy Van – Honeybake Tea Set
Purcahsed from Discount Toy Co Link here








5. Tegu – Future Circuit racer
From Educational Experience link here










6. The Day the Crayons Came Home book –
Purchased from Big W









7. Hape – Great Big Digger
Purchased from Discount Toy Co link here






8. Wheely Bug Bee Large
Purchased from Discount Toy Co here
(These Wheely bugs come in both a small and large size and they also have a lady beetle, Cow, Mouse, Tiger and pig.






I have also bought him a few items of clothing, a new beach towel, labels for pre-school next year, a puzzle and a small football.

I hope this helps if you are stuck with gift ideas for the little man in your life.




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