Snowman Sweet Treats Four Ways

Snowman sweet treats four ways and no baking required because lets face it, no one really wants to turn the oven on for an Aussie Christmas unless they have to right?
These would be great for end of year take a plate and a great little activity for the kids over the Christmas break.
These biscuits are not at all fancy and would make professional cookie decorators cringe, but they are super cute, very easy and Miss 10 made most of the sweets pictured below.


Oreo Snowman

What you need –
White chocolate dunked Oreo’s
Mini M&m’s for the eyes and mouth
Tropical Tic Tacs for the nose
Royal icing to ‘glue’ the faces on


Dab a small amount of icing onto the back of the chocolates and Tic Tac, and press them onto the cookie. Leave to set and viola.



Snowman Biscuits –

What you’ll need –
One packet of Arnott’s Marie biscuits
Mini M&m’s for the eyes
Orange Starburst for the nose
Coles chocolate Crispies for the mouth
Royal or pure icing
Decorating sugar optional, I didn’t end up using it.

Mix Royal or pure icing with a little water until you achieve a smooth and creamy consistency.
Flip your Marie biscuit over and cover with icing and give it a gentle shake to smooth it out. Add your m&m eyes ensuring the m is face down.
To make the nose, tear off a small piece of orange Starburst and roll and manipulate between your fingers to create a carrot shape and place on as the nose.
Add either the milk or dark chocolate crispies to create to mouth and add pink m&m’s for rosy cheeks if you please.



Snowman mallow pops
12112393_10207994556281344_7149178874346095195_nI placed two white marshmallows onto a lollipop stick and using royal icing, added mini m&m’s for the buttons and nose and two chocolate crispies for the eyes.


Coconut Snowman
These were a bit of a fail after Master 2 called them “cute birds” ha ha ha but I think they somewhat resemble a Snowman so let’s go with it.
I added 3 Apricot balls to a skewer (to the pointy end) and then  removed the tip with a clean pair of scissors. I added mini m&m’s for one set of eyes and also for the buttons. I also used the chocolate crispies and the starburst nose to the other.

Actually the more I look at these the more they look like birds so if you manage to perfect their face please send me a pic.

Happy creating

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