Our Christmas Lunch Menu

Our Christmas Lunch menu is my most favourite menu to plan. There’s no other day of the year to justify cooking and eating this amount of food so I go hard!

I’ve finalised our menu and written everything in my planner, as being organised over Christmas is a must for me as I can’t handle unnecessary stress. These images are from last Chrissy but our menu doesn’t really change too much from year to year.
We do a cold Christmas lunch and enjoy the leftovers for dinner, and due to December heat I cook all the meat the night before.

Breakfast –
Christmas ham & cheese croissants
Entree/nibbles –
Cheese platter

Lunch –
Christmas ham
Turkey breast & cranberry sauce
Fresh prawns & lemon
Roast pork & apple sauce
Salads –
Potato salad
Pasta salad
Festive brown rice salad
Bake house rolls

Dessert –
Choc Ripple log
Fruit platter
Platter of sweets – Rocky Road, Christmas Crackle, Aero choc mint slice, baklava.
I’ve ditched roast lamb over the past few years as there was simply too much food, but this is suffice and I love the oven only goes on for brekkie and to heat the rolls.
I’ll stop rambling now as writing this post has me hangry af, but do you do a hot or cold Christmas feast?

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