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If you are a little stumped for practical Christmas gifts and stocking fillers that aren’t sugar filled and are built to last, Lunch Box goodies make for wonderful presents.

Whilst some people collect shoes or handbags, I like to collect lunch boxes and bento goodies, and I buy them as gifts, as I know they will be well used and appreciated.
Fun lunches are perfect to entice even the fussiest of kids to eat their food, and The Bento Buzz have everything you need to create fun and healthy lunches.

The Bento Buzz  have a brilliant range of products, they offer same day shipping on all orders placed before 2pm which is fantastic, and Peta knows the ins and outs of all the products she stocks, so her knowledge is super helpful if you aren’t sure which items will best suit your needs.


Sponsored post – The Bento Buzz sponsor my blog, but I only ever write my own personal preferences, recommendations and opinions. I am not paid to write positive reviews on any brands or specific items, I simply share what I love.

I know I’ve shared this in previous posts, but this is the rule I follow for buying Christmas gifts. Lunch boxes, insulated lunch bags, drink bottles and bento goodies can fall under two of these categories, so they really do make for wonderful gifts. I have put together my top picks of lunch related items available from the Bento Buzz that would be perfect under the tree this Christmas.



Today we have received our Bentgo Kids lunch box from The Bento Buzz, and to say I am excited to try it out would be a massive understatement. It has Rubber seals that make it both air tight and leak-proof which is a must for me when buying a lunch box for Miss 10. The clasps are super easy to open and close making it perfect for children of all ages, and I love you can feel it sealing and you can hear the air being forced out when closing the lid, so you know the food is going to stay fresh inside this beauty. I think these would make a wonderful ‘Something they need’ or ‘something for school’ gift, and they are available in 3 colours and retail for $39.95 and you can view them here.


They also stock the super popular Go Green Lunch box sets, which are perfect for older children or kids who aren’t quite satisfied with a smaller Yumbox sized lunch. The set includes the lunch and an insulated lunch bag in a variety of prints.


I feel like I’ve saved the best for last with the gorgeous Apple & Mint insulated lunch bags.
They are not only the prettiest insulated lunch bags ever, but in my opinion the best quality on the market too. They stay cold for up to 8 hours and feature there own cooling panel that is hidden away from the food. They are also a breeze to clean which is a win win.

For stocking fillers, smaller lunch tools are ideal, and due to their fun level, they can entice the kids to be involved in helping prepare their lunches, which in our case, encourages them to eat the food if they have helped make it.
You could add these items to a stocking, or wrap up a group of items and pop them under the tree.

Sandwich Cutters and punches are well loved in our home. We have all four of these pictured, and they are used nearly every day. They are so quick and easy to use and with very little effort they make a humble sandwich fun.

12395147_10208295186196904_1153646305_nEgg Moulds
They are quick and easy and encourage my kids to eat more eggs.


Food Picks
We have so much fun with food picks and they can quickly add fun and colour to a lunch. The hats and bows would have to be my all time favourite and we love to make cucumber people and egg men. There are so many gorgeous ones to choose from.



Plate Sets
It doesn’t all have to be about the lunch box either, we use the Boon plates and the Dinner Winner plates and they are brilliant. A few of my girlfriends swear by the taco trucks, so they are on my ever growing list of things I need…



Juice In The Box
These are going in to my cart asap as I think they are genius. I have had an upset daughter right through primary school as I have rarely allowed her to take store bought poppers/juice boxes due to the sugar content, but these look fantastic. They are reusable and cant pop or squirt when a school bag is squished like regular poppers. They are BPA free (I’ve done my homework) and they come in pink, blue, green and orange.


I hope this has given you a few ideas, and I wish I could list all of my favourites, but the post would be as long as Santa’s naughty list.

If you want to take a peek at the website, you will find Fuel lunch boxes, snack cups, food dividers, sushi goodies and much much more.

Merry Christmas


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