Halloween Printables – Cute & Free

Halloween printables that are both super cute, pastel and FREE are here!

Although Halloween isn’t overly celebrated here in Australia, we like to dress up, take the kids trick or treating and love sending little gifts to school for teachers and classmates.

Over the years I have struggled to find cute and non scary printables in colours other than orange, black, green and purple.
Can you believe if you search ‘pastel Halloween printables’, on Pinterest, there isn’t a thing. Crazy I know…..

Anyway, we don’t follow the traditional route with super scary and gore as it frightens my children, so my beautiful and oh so clever best friend Jackie and I decided to create our own. And by we, I mean her lol
I know what I like visually but Jackie is the brains and has a background in graphic design, so this was all her hard work and I am so thankful to her. They have turned out cuter than I ever could have imagined, thank you lovely.

12112335_10207935200157478_8655635575239450876_nJackie has created a pumpkin, Ghost, Skeleton and cat tags, and adorable matching bag toppers.

To make –
We recommend you print on cardstock, although paper is fine.
When you print the bag toppers, be sure to select ‘print to actual size’ in your print settings.
The bag toppers fit any 10cm wide bag which are available at Spotlight and most craft stores.
Use a 2mm punch to create a small hole in the top of the tag to feed twine through.
Fill the bags with whatever your heart desires, add ribbon or twine and viola.

Be sure to share your images with me via my Facebook page.

Download –
The images you see here are jpeg and watermarked however the pdf files aren’t so you can print away.

Just click on the images below to download their files.
Copyright – My Lovely Little Nest own all rights to these images and they must only be used for personal use.
They are not to be altered or edited in anyway, and are not to be sold or used for commercial purposes.
If you wish to share these on social media, please provide the link to this post.

Thank you kindly and happy Halloween



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