Christmas Eve Box – 25 Ideas

Creating a Christmas eve box for the kids is so much fun and has quickly become tradition in our house.

If you aren’t familiar with this idea, you fill a box with a variety of items and give it to your children on Christmas Eve. A new pair of pj’s, a movie and a snack, or whatever your heart desires.
We like to include items they can make, watch, wear etc which provides lots of fun and keeps them entertained.
A lot of Mums are now gifting these boxes on the 1st of December so the little ones can get more use out of their goodies which is a lovely idea too.


Here’s how to create one –
Start with a box or basket or whatever you have on hand. Gift boxes and wooden crates work well too.
You can either create one for each child or make one big box for the kids to share and enjoy together.
I generally add items the kids can use throughout the day and night on Christmas eve, and it’s also a sanity saver as I’m generally cooking all day in preparation for our big Christmas lunch with the family, so it’s great for keeping the kids entertained too.
You can add a gift tag to the box or a note, decorate it with stickers, washi tape or ribbon, and have fun with it. The box I have used is quite deep so I filled it with shredded paper prior to filling with goodies.

I’ve compiled a list of things of things you might like to add to your Christmas eve box.

25 Ideas –
1. Christmas pyjamas
2. Pj’s or an outfit for the kids teddy or dolly
3. Christmas movie
4. Book
5. A notepad and Christmas pen
6. A letter to Santa kit
7. Reindeer food for the kids to sprinkle on the lawn
8. Santa key
9. Popcorn
10. Cup, mug or drink bottle
11. Ingredients for hot chocolate
12. Marshmallows
13. Jar of dry cookie ingredients or a kit from the supermarket.
14.Cookie cutter
15. Cookie decorations
16. Sweet treat to enjoy with the movie
17. Plush toy
18. Bubble bath & bath crayons
19. Christmas Sonny Angel
20. Ornament for the tree
21. Colouring book and crayons
22. Christmas puzzle
23. Craft Activity
24. Christmas stamps
25. A letter from Elf on the shelf. You could write or type a letter from your Elf thanking the children for their good behaviour and for having him/her in your home over Christmas.


We have found that size 0000 baby clothing fits teddy well, and I found this little singlet in Best & Less for Master 2’s bear.


Have fun, get creative and watch the kids light up when you hand them this box of fun.


Merry Christmas



  1. Thanks lovely – I have wanted to do this for the past few years with my kiddos and now they are 6 and nearly 4 I think this is the year. Def will do new P.J’s – a book – maybe a craft item and a snack! Love the blog btw – a great extension from your awesome facey page x

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