Christmas Biscuits – Santa & Rudolph

Santa & Rudolph Christmas Biscuits

These Christmas biscuits are so fun and easy to make, and even better we have used store bought biscuits so there’s no need to turn the oven on.
We have made Santa and Rudolph and they would be perfect for a Christmas party, end of year take a plate, or the kids could decorate them and leave them out for Santa on Christmas Eve.
They would also be great for teachers and make for a lovely neighbour gift when placed in a cello bag with ribbon.

Santa & Rudolph Christmas Biscuits
Santa Biscuits – You’ll need
Milk Arrowroot biscuits
Pure or Royal Icing
Red food colouring
Mini brown M&M’s for the eyes and a pink one for the nose
Mini marshmallows cut in half


1. In two small bowls add icing and mix with water until you create a smooth glue like paste, not too runny and not to thick. To one of the bowls add one drop of red food colouring and mix to combine.
2. Cover 3/4 of the Milk Arrowroot biscuit in the white icing using the back off a teaspoon or an offset spatula and then fill in the top with the red icing.
3. Place your mini marshmallows across the top of Santa’s hat and then add his eyes and nose ensuring the little ‘m’ on the chocolates are face down.
4. Add more mini marshmallows down the side of Santa’s face and fill in his beard and lastly, add one to the top of his hat.

(Variations – In place of the chocolate and marshmallows, you could use sultanas for his eyes and shredded or Desiccated coconut for his beard)

To make Rudolph-
You’ll need

Milk Arrowroot biscuits
Pure or royal icing
A pinch of cocoa powder
2 brown mini M&M’s for the eyes
1 Marshmallow for the nose
1 Smartie or any red chocolate or lolly for his nose
Curly Wurly for the antlers

Method –
1. In a small bowl mix the icing with cocoa and a little water to create a smooth icing.
2. Using the back of a teaspoon, cover the entire biscuit in icing and then add the eyes and marshmallow nose. Add a tiny dot of icing to the back of the Smartie and stick it to the marshmallow.
3. Cut small pieces of the Curly Wurly and place them above the eyes to create his antlers.

Miss 10 and I have had so much fun making these so be sure to get the kids involved.


Merry Christmas

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